Our Structure

Administration & Finance Department

Mandate Includes:

  • Enforce compliance with Laws, Guidelines, Policies and Standards on industrial effluent limitations, Ozone layer protection, noise control, hazardous chemicals management, industrial pollution etc;
  • Advice the Director General/CEO on administration and financial matters of the Agency;
  • Assist the Director General in the general administration of the Agency;
  • Responsible for coordinating all administration and financial activities of the Agency;
  • Receives and disburses recurrent (personnel cost and overhead) and capital fund from Office of the Accountant General of the Federation of Development partners;
  • Supervises judicious use of all funds released to the Agency;
  • Responsible for all Personnel matters in Appointments, Promotions, Discipline, staff welfare and training in line with the NESREA Act and other extant rules of the Government;
  • Supervises supplies section to ensure procurement procedures are in line with the Public Procurement Act;
  • Supervises the Store to obtain information on exhausted Store items and ensure that items purchased are duly received and stored for the intended purpose; and
  • Performs any other function as may be assigned by the DG/CEO.