NESREA Litter Pledge and Flood Prevention Tips
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Litter Pledge

I Pledge to make Nigeria beautiful and litter-free;

To Keep my House and Surroundings litter-free;

To Dispose waste properly at all times;

And ensure that my family and friends make our environment clean, beautiful and litter-free.

Flood Prevention Tips

  • Avoid flooding. Clean your drainage regularly and encourage others to do same.
  • Waste can block gutters and cause flooding.
  • Say no to loss of life and property, keep your environment clean and avoid flooding.
  • Do not build along waterways, it causes flooding.
  • A blocked gutter is an invitation to flood, clear your gutter.
  • Do not dump refuse in gutters and drains; it blocks our drainages and causes flooding
  • Avoid flooding. Do not build on flood plain.
  • Be Responsible, avoid flooding
  • Do not dump your waste into gutters and water bodies.
  • Obey town planning and environmental laws. Don’t build anyhow and anywhere to avoid flooding.
  • Flooding season is here, clear your gutter.
  • Be prepared against flooding; listen to weather forecast for guidance.

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