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The Environmental Education and Awareness Division (EEA) of National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) carried out sensitization campaign in Abaji Area Council of the FCT on the importance of tree planting, proper waste disposal, general sanitation and the dangers inherent in unclean environment.

While in Abaji, the NESREA team consisting of Mr. Sylvester Ozinegbe, Mr. Kabiru Ajingi, Mr. Emmanuel Najime and Mr. Michael O. Joseph, visited Sabo Gari, Toto Road, Sekodabo and Yangoji communities. Their observations in Abaji included poor sanitation pronounced in indiscriminate dumping of refuse on the streets, residential/ business areas and drainages thus causing blockages.

While educating them on the adverse environmental and health implications of their actions, the NESREA team encouraged them to develop a healthy attitude towards keeping their environment clean by organizing clean up exercises periodically besides everyday tidying up of their premises.

In Toto Road, the team received a complaint from one of the residents, Mr. Richard Adeyemi that the houses along the road were built without toilets and as such, residents defecate indiscriminately. According to him, even though they had reported the situation to the Public Health Department of the Area Council with a promise from the department to proffer a solution, as at the time of NESREA sensitization, nothing had been done. He implored NESREA to help in quickening up the remediation measures to forestall an epidemic occurring in the area. While promising to look into the complaints, the NESREA team equally sensitized the residents on the need to construct toilets in their houses.

At Yangoji community, where the major economic preoccupation of residents center on charcoal and firewood selling, the team, while commending their industrious nature, pointed out the adverse effect of tree felling. They encouraged them to plant more trees to cushion the effects of their actions.

In all the areas and business premises visited, including Mechanic workshops, Small Scale business premises, residential areas etc. the NESREA team was commended for the enlightenment campaign and the people promised to change their attitudes for the better. The residents of Abaji Area Council however advised the team to partner with the traditional ruler of Abaji to effectively bring their message to the grassroots.