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Deriving from the Act establishing the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) and in line with the Agency’s Mandate, Vision and Mission, NESREA programmes and activities as categorized below is contributing to national socio-economic advancement and expanding the country’s space in the global environmental arena:

  • NESREA as Environmental Regulator;
  • NESREA as Environmental Operator;
  • NESREA as Capacity Builder;
  • NESREA as Job Creator; and
  • NESREA as Environmental Advisor.

Our Functional Strategies/Policy Thrust

  • Developing and maintaining strategies for effective environmental compliance monitoring and  enforcement;
  • Establishing a robust environmental information management system including database/databank;
  • Increasing significantly the level of environmental awareness and creating partnerships with relevant  stakeholders at both national and global levels;
  • Carrying out effective environmental compliance monitoring and enforcement programmes to ensure the sustainable use of Nigeria’s natural resources, and to  protect citizens’ wellbeing  and control air, land and water pollution; and
  • Coordinating and promoting research and studies, in collaboration with public and private agencies, institutions and organizations, on various aspects of environmental degradation and pollution including technological transfer.

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