Inspection & Enforcement Department
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To ensure compliance with environmental regulations, standards and guidelines and achieve sound environment for sustainable development.

To foster and ensure compliance with environmental standards, regulations and guidelines towards achieving a cleaner and healthier environment in all economic sector, homes and institutions

The Department has two Divisions:

  1. Industrial Compliance Monitoring (ICM); and
  2. Environmental Sanitation Compliance Monitoring (ESCM).


  • Enforce compliance with Laws, Guidelines, Policies and Standards on industrial effluent limitations, Ozone layer protection, noise control, hazardous chemicals management, industrial pollution etc;

  • Enforce compliance with the provisions of International Environmental Agreements, Protocols, Conventions and Treaties on Climate change, Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Hazardous wastes, ozone layer depletion, Marine pollution, Sanitation and such other Agreements that may from time to time, come into force;

  • Enforce compliance with Policy, Standards, Legislations and Guidelines on Water quality, Environmental health and sanitation including pollution abatement;

  • Enforce compliance with any legislation on sound chemical management, safe use of pesticides and disposal of spent packages thereof; and

  • Enforce compliance with Regulations on the importation, exportation, production, distribution, storage sale, use, handling and disposal of hazardous chemicals and waste other than in the oil and gas sector.

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